Trillium Real Estate specialized in Managing properties

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Property Management

Trillium Real Estate is specialized in Property management Services include complete admin process from the Handover to the new listings including Rental Management, Payments collections, Process, Professional marketing for the new tenants with maintenance / Ejari services with our extensive expertise in Ready / Off land Properties and property management experienced work with some of the most trusted and well-known Developers in the industry we focus on helping clients maximize their returns on Investment in Residencial / Commercial Properties .

Residential & Commercial Property Management

Our annual property management fee is calculated not by square feet but a fixed no-fuss fee which covers a full management package and tenancy application. Live a hassle-free year while reaping the benefits of the investment.
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Your Property Is In Safe Hands

  • Peace of Mind
  • Simple Fixed No-Fuss Annual Fee
  • Trusted and Experienced Professionals
  • Earn Maximum Returns
  • Manage Real Estate Assets in Dubai for local and international clients over a decade
  • Ensuring Long Term Savings
  • Always Available for tenants and landlords
  • Maintain good relations between tenants & landlords