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Trillium Real Estate is one of the best online portals for off-plan properties for sale in Dubai. If you want to invest in an off-plan property, our real estate agents can help you find the best new property or explore the latest off-plan property projects in Dubai.

Exclusive listing of New Off Plan Properties in Dubai

From AED 659000
Dubai Land Residence Complex
From AED 979000
DAMAC Lagoons
From AED 1100000
Jumeirah Lake Towers
From AED 2050000
Lillia at The Valley
From AED 220000
Business Bay
From AED 1670000
Rashid Yachts & Marina

Best Off Plan Properties for Sale in Dubai - Trillium Real Estate

Welcome to Trillium Real Estate, your one-stop solution for buying and investing in new off-plan property projects in Dubai. Dubai is known for its luxury lifestyle and modern infrastructure and is one of the most famous places for investors. So, if you’re planning to invest your money in off-plan properties in Dubai, then Trillium is one of the best online portals for investing in New Property projects in Dubai.

Choose the latest and New off-plan properties for sale in Dubai from our wide range of off-plan property collections; contact us today.

Advantages of investing or buying off plan property in Dubai?

  • Early Bird Advantage: Purchasing off-plan real estate in Dubai enables property investors and buyers to secure new properties at their earliest stages of development, often at the lowest possible price. Early bird advantage allows investors or buyers to get access to prime units within sought-after developments. It also enhances the potential for significant ROI as the property appreciates over time.

  • Profitable Exit Strategies: Off-plan projects in Dubai often provide the flexibility for investors or owners to sell their off plan property before project completion. The demand for off-plan properties in Dubai remains robust, investors stand to capitalize on favorable market conditions by selling off-plan properties at a considerable profit.

  • Flexible Payment Structures: Off- plan properties in Dubai offer more flexible payment plans, unlikely traditional property purchases that necessitate substantial upfront payments. Off Plan property developers often require only a 4% – 5% down payment. This makes off-plan investment property in Dubai accessible to a broader spectrum of investors.

  • You buy new property in Dubai: 

    We all love to buy something new, especially when buying a property. Off-plan projects in Dubai allows investors and buyers to own brand-new off plan properties equipped with the latest design concepts, technological innovations, and lifestyle amenities.

    Through informed guidance and strategic insights, real estate agents in Dubai can assist you in navigating you to buy best off-plan properties in Dubai, improving the chance of ROI.

How to buy off-plan property in Dubai?

  1. Decide what kind of Off Plan property you are looking for
  2. Choose Trillium Real Estate for the best off-plan properties for sale in Dubai.
  3. Find the right off-plan property 
  4. Sign in the contract SPA document 
  5. Make the payments as per the contract
  6. Take the position of your new off-plan property in Dubai.

Contact our Real Estate Company in Dubai, where our property broker helps you to find the best off-plan properties for sale in Dubai and help you to find the best new projects.

How much does it cost to buy off-plan property in Dubai?

  1. You need to pay 4% of the property registration feed to the Dubai Land Department (DLD)
  2. 3,000 AED for Oqood Registration to Dubai Land Department (DLD)

How many types of off plan property can I buy?

There are plenty of options available for buying off-plan property in Dubai. You can buy or invest in Villas, apartments, and Townhouses. Every property has different characteristics as well as different pros and cons. Which is the best off-plan property to invest in solely depends on the buyer’s or investors’ personal needs and investment goals.

How to buy off-plan property online in Dubai?

Visit Trillium Real Estate to buy off-plan property, contact certified property brokers in Dubai who will help you choose the best off-plan properties, or explore our wide range collection of new off-plan properties for sale in Dubai.